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April 4, 2020

Our Hearts Are Breaking Open

By Ann Marie Smith

Arizona— April 4, 2020 Our hearts are breaking open for humanity.

We had a choice, as a people, how we wanted our hearts to open.  The easy way?  Or, the hard way?

We can open our hearts through love and compassion for all life, all human beings, all animal beings, all bird beings, all water beings of fish and mammals. Or, we can break open our hardened  hearts the hard way, through our suffering and pain and the suffering and pain of others.

Our hearts are breaking open for the pandemic patients who are suffering, and dying in the hospitals, in our homes, in the nursing homes, or the cruise ships, on the battleships and in the streets.

Our hearts are breaking open for the families of the pandemic patients who cannot see them, who cannot talk to them, who cannot visit them in their hours and days of suffering alone with strangers, who heartbreakingly don’t have time to chat and comfort and visit.

Our hearts are breaking open for the doctors and nurses of the pandemic patients who are sacrificing their lives, their health and their families, to be of service at this critical time.

Our hearts are breaking open for their neighbors waving and shouting and banging pots out of open windows, sharing their feelings to the neighborhood, honoring their fellow men and women.

Our hearts are breaking open, missing our friends and families our favorite restaurants and our games of sport and pleasure.

Our hearts our breaking open seeing the refrigerator trucks holding our neighbors and friends and family members that we have not been able to see or touch, during their final hours on Earth.

Our hearts are breaking open knowing those refrigerator trucks are holding the overflow of ravaged bodies of humanity who lost their battle with the invisible killers.

Our hearts are breaking open when we see the hospital ships named Mercy and Comfort coming to the rescue.

In the end, we chose the hard way.

Our hearts are breaking open.



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By Ann Marie Smith

Sequel to “Our Hearts are Breaking Open”

Our open hearts send us in a new more positive way, thinking more about love and community, people’s lives, the health of families and friends, and how important they are to us.  And, in a good way, it took our aching hearts for us to take on a worldview and be a little less pompous.

We are seeing and feeling, now more than ever, the spirit of our nation and the soul of our people.  On display, broadcast around the world, is the great caring, kindness and sacrifice of the bravest of our people, known as the first responders, and the humanitarians maintaining the essential services of our society.

Our heroes are the men and women taking care of us, the men and women taking care of our sick, the men and women taking care of our food, the men and women taking care of our water, the men and women taking care of our essentials, our police, our firefighters, our waste managers, our power grid managers, our banks, our fuel, our government.

We are all experiencing the grieving of our family and friends and neighbors, as they watch the souls of their loved ones leave their bodies ‘en mass’ and ascend into Heaven.

We are not experiencing what it really means to be free, free to use our medicine and our medical facilities, how important free medical treatment is, and what it means for all humanity.  What it really means to be free, means healthcare for all, not just some.  We are coming to the realization that we are all in this together, and we must take care of each other.  Feed the hungry and give drink to the thirsty means, it is our responsibility to take care of each other and to make sure we are all safe and secure.

This pandemic is a test of who we really are.  This pandemic will bring out the new us, who we are as a person and a people.  Be your best everybody.  Go get ‘em.  We get to discover ourselves.

For many of us, this is a time-out.  For the Earth, for the Earth’s people, for the animals and birds.  Your world is at a tipping point.  Release the plague.  Make them stop.  Making them stop is forcing innovation to do things differently.

You can do it.  You can invent.  You can conceive.  You can achieve.  You can make the world a better place.  You can make yourself a better person.  You can achieve your goals.  You can dream.  You can change who you are.  You can evolve into who you want to be.  You have the time to do it.  You have the opportunity to make it happen.  You are the humanitarian.  You are the inventor.  Invent it.  Make it better.  Invent anything.  You are the philanthropist on any scale.  On a small scale, making masks for family, friends, hospital workers, neighbors.  That eight year old girl did it.  She did it, you can do it.

If you sold your soul, you can buy it back.  You only need one person to believe in you.  I believe in you.  You can believe in yourself. You can be that one person who makes a difference.  You can do it.  You can achieve your goals.  You have the time now to change.  You have the opportunity, now, to change.  You have the opportunity to be better.

The Earth needed a rest, a time to heal, which gives us time to think.  It is giving us time to get ready for our new future.  We will be in a better place.  We will bring in the new inventions, we will open up the patents, we will release the innovations and the new ideas.

We will have a new and enlightened meaning of work, which is our fulfillment, our necessity and our honor.  We are all essential, after all.  Work is our blessing, we know that now.

Why did this pandemic happen?  Why is this happening?

See the bigger picture.  See the big picture.  Know we are making a shift.

The New Age is here, and you start to realize, you can do it.

You can keep each other safe.  You can stay home.  You can get creative.  You can create new things, create new concepts, create new ways of doing things.  How do you make the group stronger?  The individual members get stronger, love more, create more, do more, be more.

This is your opportunity to be who you want to be, to become who you want to become, to learn what you need to learn, to research, to build, on a small scale now, and plan for the future.  Time is what we have to work with.  Watch all the TV you want, or, do all those things you never had time to do.

Those who are sacrificing now, because they are in the battle, they are sacrificing for us, so that we can be safe and create a better future.  Those heroes, Doctors, Nurses, Bankers, Grocery Clerks, Police, Firefighters, Army Corps of Engineers, this is what big government is for.  Big government is necessary to accomplish our goals.  We need everybody.  Build those roads and bridges and reservoirs and field hospitals and mag-lev trains and solar powered cars and nano-solar paint.  You can do it.

Keep yourself safe.  Keep others safe.  Answer the moment.  Use what you have at hand.  Make things.  Invent things.  Conceive things.  Take charge.  Decide to be a better person.  Decide to make a better clock.  Decide to invent a new way.  Make those solar highways to power the Earth.

You can use AI, but you don’t need AI, that’s artificial intelligence.  If AI takes over, you’re done.  AI won’t need you.  Musk knows this.  Remember, if you sold your soul, you can buy it back.

Make a 180 degree change.  What is the only thing that’s permanent?  Change.  Things will always change.

You can do it.  You can evolve, slowly like Darwin, or you can change in a moment, in a nano-second.  You can be.  You can do.  You can reinvent.

You can see, now, how important our government services are.  You can see how important healthcare is.  The real question is, “Can you afford to have your life saved?”

We are all important.  You are important.  Make a difference.  You can do it.