About Us

Plant a Tree for Me?

What kind of tree will it be?

A flowering tree, a conifer tree, a fruit tree?

All trees are special to me.

My love for trees is as deep as the ocean and wide as the sea.

I love all trees, they are so beautiful to me.

Our Vision

To save the Earth, one tree at a time.  To spread optimism and inspiration to all those who will listen, and to do everything possible for the next decade that will help save the planet and its inhabitants.

Our Future

We wish to change minds from making paper products out of trees, like, magazines, cards, business cards, junk mail, paper towels, toilet paper, typing paper, newspaper, and all the other things made from trees to be made out of new materials, such as bamboo or hemp.

Plant a Tree For Me

by Ann Marie Smith    E-Book

You will be fascinated and feel a strong compulsion to read this e-book when you understand the change it will bring to the Earth.


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Latest News

Eco Agriculture

Growing trees are like growing your own children, and tending to them, taking care of them, watering and giving them sunlight and nourishment.  In a way, you have a companion in life. Once you are used to the idea of planting trees, you could branch out and be big.  Think bigger.  Think enormous for the future.  Think movement on a mass scale, everybody doing what they can to make the changes that count.

Pledge to plant 1 tree.

Pledge to plant 10 trees.

Pledge to plant 100 trees.

We only need 1 trillion new trees to save humanity.

Ecosystem Rescue

Plant a trillion trees to save the planet.  Start one tree at a time.

Recycling Promotion


Recycling has to be improved and rethought and reconceived to promote the healing of Planet Earth.