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Plant a Tree for Me

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Plant a Tree Environmental Action Plan ‘You Can Do It’

New Blog by Ann Marie Smith.  There is another way, there is an easier way.  Humanity does not have to suffer, humanity can have it all.  You just need to think out of the box.  Create your new reality.

Plant a Tree Emergency

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Plant a Trillion Trees

Feed the Hungry


see Chef Jose Andres

at the World Central Kitchen


What We Are Doing ?

“In charge of this planet, your island in space, your little slice of sand and rock in the middle of the vast ocean of the heavens, you are now Earth’s curator, keeper and protector.

The Earth is your place of refuge, your home, your oasis in the sky and your responsibility.  Everything that is here, has been provided for you so you could be here.  Show some gratitude.”           (Excerpt from Chapter 2 of  ‘Plant a Tree for Me’ E-Book and Audible by Ann Marie Smith and  narrated by Juliias Ellis.)


Obviously, naturally, convincingly the planet needs your help.  Perhaps, even taking a special kind of enjoyment for planting a tree for everybody.

We Use 2 Million Activities For Caring

All over the Earth people are working to care for our planet.  What are you doing?

The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

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ArborDay.Org Trees For Others Honor Your Friends and Loved Ones with the Gift of Trees

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Happy Tree Donors

Tom Crowther of Crowther Labs Plant a Trillion Trees Campaign Learn More

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Success Mission

Greta Thunberg

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See One Person Making a Difference

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Solar Power and Wind Power

Use Renewable Energy

Plant a Tree for Me E-Book, Audible & paperback

Plant a Trillion Trees One Tree at a Time

Mike Smith Live Legacy vs Likes Book Skate for Change

Change Your Mind and Change the World

Developed Climate

Drive Electric

Think Green ! Save Money